Mast Motorsports LS3 416ci stroker engine

Mast Motorsports LS3 416 stroker

The Mast Motorsports LS3 416ci  stroker engine for “The Race Car” El Camino (TRC-1) is another amazing amalgamation of American made aluminum awesomeness! The aluminum LS3 block and the Mast Motorsports aluminum cnc machined head castings came together at the request of Gregory Cragg for the TRC-1 El Camino. Once again Mast Motorsports shows how and why they are one … Read more

Ididit – A Universal G-body Steering Column

Ididit - A Universal G-body Steering Column

Does your G-body project need a floor-shift column?  Have you considered an aftermarket solution in this situation? I did, or rather Ididit – A universal G-body steering column is certainly a viable option and is worth checking out. Since most stock G-body steering columns are reaching the 30+ year old mark and are increasingly difficult … Read more

Hotchkis Suspension for the G-body

A Hotchkis Suspension for the G-body is a very easy and effective upgrade! All of the Hotchkis Sport Suspension parts are a “bolt-on” type application and can be performed with simple hand tools in a single afternoon. Yeah, that sounds like a magazine pitch, but guess what, it’s true! Of course there is a learning curve … Read more

UMI Performance G-body frame brace

The guys at UMI Performance are completely dedicated to the G-body market! They have designed multiple products for the 78-88 GM G-body platform for drag racing and auto-crossing. The product that caught my eye was something they alone are producing – the Rear Shock Tower Brace (part number 3055). Check out this simple, but eloquent … Read more

Cold Air Intake by Spectre Performance

Spectre Performance makes the most attractive cold air intake systems available! I reached out to Spectre Performance and was lucky enough to speak with Guy Smith. Guy has designed over 230 intakes in 2014 alone. He knew exactly what I needed to make a custom cold air intake for Project: Hot Rod Regal and overcome the … Read more

Ceramic Coating with NitroPlate

Everybody and their brother knows about the benefits of ceramic coating headers. The ceramic coating  enables performance gains through heat control, creates a chemical and corrosion resistant barrier, and generally looks really good for a long time. Many aftermarket header companies offer a ceramic coating as an option when you buy the headers.  You as … Read more

Flex-a-lite Fan Fits !

Recently, Flex-a-lite fans for the G-body projects Hot Rod Regal and LSX El Camino were ordered from Flex-a-lite  (part # 295).  I chose the Flex-a-lite dual electric fan because it fits with MAXIMUM radiator coverage and provides a very modern look. If you are wanting a variable speed, dual electric fan that is capable of moving 4600 … Read more