Project: LSX El Camino

This Project: LSX El Camino is a guest authored post written by Greg Cragg.

Greg's LSX El Camino

Greetings everyone!

My name is Greg and I own this beautiful 1979 El Camino – Project: LSX El Camino. I hope you enjoy following along with me as I endeavor to “once again” give it a new look and engine compartment. I have owned the El Camino for over 15 years and it has progressed from a mild 355 Tune Port engine to the most recent engine which was an amazing Champion Racing 555 Dart Big Block making nearly 700HP.

I have also had several different disc brake kits from Baer Brakes (the last set being the Baer 6P caliper set), transmissions, exhaust configurations, rear axles and suspension components. The interior of the car has also been customized over the years to its current state. I have built my custom door panels, headliner, seat brackets, as well as dash inserts.

el camino custom interior


custom dash with autometer


El Camino Exhaust

Many of the parts, accessories, and plans I have chosen to use may seem excessive or “over the top” to some of you. However, one of the things that I have learned in my many years of building cars is that we all have different tastes and not everyone will approve of all of my ideas. I understand that completely. Just realize that following my build is simply a tool that may help you figure out other options you may not have seen or thought of before. Or….maybe you thought of them or saw them, but just were not sure how to make it happen mechanically. It is my plan to post each step of my new project here for everyone to monitor, copy, make suggestions, or even critique. Regardless of your skill set, whether you are a first time builder or an experienced builder, I hope you enjoy my project.

One of the main objectives is to demonstrate how to install a LSX Power Plant into an older muscle car, while at the same time help some of you take the guesswork out of doing so. Secondly, I will not suggest any products or accessories that I feel are substandard or just plain crap!

Some of the ideas I am looking into for the build are:

  • Installing a Mast Motorsports LSX 440ci
  • TCI 700R4 Super Streetfighter transmission with their constant pressure valve body along with a
  • Super Streetfighter torque converter
  • Vintage Air Conditioning
  • New wheels and tires from Forgeline
  • Changing the color from the current Corvette Torch Red to Black before the SEMA show in November 2015.
  • A high performance fuel system
  • A custom built exhaust system that will blow you minds

Just so you know, my plans are not just to build another piece of “Eye Candy” to take to shows, but to build a muscle car that can run, drive, stop and handle just as well as any of the new Corvettes or Camaros out there.

The finished project will be on display at the 2015 Hotrod Power Tour, the 2015 Goodguys PPG Nationals in Columbus, OH,  Holley LS Fest 2015 in Bowling Green, KY, and finally at SEMA 2015 in LasVegas, NV.

project lsx el camino

Please come back to my project to see my progress and post any thoughts or suggestions to the Hot Rod Regal Facebook / Twitter pages.


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